Their is NOTHING remotely like THE TEN STAGES which awakens the root causes of addiction offering a new positive solution

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Title: In the Ten Stages we are awakened to our nervous system which has been evolving for millions of years
Author: Fraser Trevor
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In the Ten Stages we are awakened to our nervous system which has been evolving for millions of years...so our nervous systems is a very p...
In the Ten Stages we are awakened to our nervous system which has been evolving for millions of years...so our nervous systems is a very powerful and intelligent system that is designed to keep us alive.

Which... is a good thing.

The problem is... the nervous system tends to generalise and associate danger death and doom with anything that represents a threat.

And... when we are trying to change or improve our recovery life... part of the deal is that we need to practice a recovery purpose.

Try new projects. Let go of old not functioning  relationships.

Speak up for what we really need. Set boundaries. Open our mind.

All of these things are new... and they are uncertain.

And... because they are uncertain... that means that our nervous system interprets anything that is uncertain or that could be a "risk" as the same thing as death.

So... without conscious awareness... without our attention... without bringing in our child within relationship.... our scared and terrified nervous system can still run the show using blame and shame to stop our recovery in its tracks.

Without even consciously knowing it... our unrecovered nervous system can think that stopping an ingrained dissociation behaviour is just as dangerous as being cast out and banished from a tribe to live by and fend for ourself in the desert.

Or... the nervous system can think that recovery and starting the ten stages that will kill us...

Or that losing our addiction and being "seen in recovery" is lethal...

Or that opening our heart up and practicing loving-kindfulness will result in the same pain or worst from the past... and that we will die if we experience that kind of emotional pain again.

It's not a bad thing that our old nervous system is trying to keep us safe.

The hard part is that while the nervous system thinks that anything that is uncertain or risky will lead to certain death and it will do anything it can to protect us...

This also means that any risk or uncertainty that is required to love, start recovery, build new healthy relationships, forgive someone or change our life is also seen as a threat by our ingrained nervous systems survival strategies.

As a result... our nervous systems coping strategies doesn't want us taking any risks... risks that could hurt us again.... and risks that could help us change our life.

So, the practice must be... to bring our conscious awareness to our life... and to work to send messages to our old nervous systems coping strategies that we are safe... and that it's okay for us to take risks that our heart... our child within.... and our recovery selves as nudging us to take.

Starting our ten stage program of healthy recovery won't kill us.

Opening our heart again to loving Kindness won't kill us.

Letting go of trying to control others won't kill us.

Living our Ten Stage Recovery won't kill us.

But, when we deny the yearnings of our heart.... when we deny the yearnings of our child within... when we deny the calling of that greater destiny to our correct maturity that we know we are meant to live...

We commit to a slow passive suicide of dissociation every day.

Because while our ancestors were focused on primarily just surviving.... we get the privilege to have our basic needs met and shift our focus to thriving... and living in our Recovery Purpose.

We need to dedicate our life to living our unique Recovery and make to decision regardless of the death threats to join recovery.

The Ten Stages is a studied recovery course. It is a source of reconnection a method of unlearning and a reintroduction to our child within which leads us back to our one true intuitive voice.We start to learn and come out of our protective dysfunctional shell and reclaim our lives. www.thetenstages.com


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