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Title: Suddenly being thrust into the 7 Second Reality
Author: Fraser Trevor
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Suddenly being thrust into the 7 Second Reality but what was a 7 Second Reality experience well thats what I have to come to an understa...

Suddenly being thrust into the 7 Second Reality but what was a 7 Second Reality experience well thats what I have to come to an understanding of, as a crossing of the final thresh-hold into another place. By a number of accidents lasting within seventeen hours of continues heart monitoring. The 7 Second Reality of life and death.
When your heart stops, there’s 7 seconds in which you are in an other reality state. You’re unconsciously conscious. However, while there, we lose all perception of time. A day could be a minute, a second could be a year. So what if you’ve been dead for 3 seconds and all of your life up until now has been a dream?

Tired one afternoon in August I had retired for a late afternoon nap when the phone rang just as I settled down.The voice at the other end sounded cut of..is that you as my name was spelt out I affirmed that it was, do you have a close family member with you, no I had not...slowly awakening... well we want you in. The mind snapped into action or should have....It sort of hit denial and then a slow dawning that things were not well,..we have the results of your tests. When do we want you in thinking that I had the luxury of time.Now came the urgent reply do you want an ambulance...No I will get a taxi I replied.

I had become at that moment a seven second experience even though I had no comprehension what that meant. The taxi arrived very quickly and we moved slowly into the late afternoon traffic. On arrival at the heart ward carrying my bags, a senior nurse looked quite perturbed, being used to seeing para-medics, chairs, drips etc. 7 seconds recipients never walked in. I mentioned the name of the senior consultant who had called me and was whisked off to a ward and connected up to a host of wires. I was now under intense observation with a permanent wi-fi connection to those upstairs who constantly monitored me and changed my batteries. Somehow I struggled to comprehend my new position feeling benignly like a figure in a George Orwellian nightmare.I became accepting of my new position in life as I scanned the beds of the small ward watching and awaiting the next seven second moment. Most people who have Sudden Cardiac Arrest die from it—often within minutes. For me unknowingly it had become a regular daily occurrence which meant stopping squeezing my heart till it restarted. The sensations were not unpleasant akin to a good deep meditation.

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