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Title: To the Thousands of friends worldwide:We want to say a BIG and grateful thank you! We are so grateful to you for all your comments, your questions, applying the lessons of our Ten Stage Course
Author: Fraser Trevor
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We want to say a BIG and grateful thank you! We are so grateful to you for all your comments, your questions, applying  the  lessons...

We want to say a BIG and grateful thank you! We are so grateful to you for all your comments, your questions, applying the lessons of our Ten Stage Course, and for how you continue to show up in the world of Ten Stage Recovery. Our recovery courses are based on self-autonomy. You have to participate.

If you are anything like us, you're the person who people in your life count on for advice, for inspiration, and to help them make the right decision. You show up for them in ways that change their lives forever.

We created The Ten Stages as a way for you to give all that Loving Kindfulness, attention, care, advice, and well-being to yourself.

We see so many givers who are awesome at giving to others, but when it comes to themselves – it’s a lot harder. If not impossible.

The Ten Stages is an opportunity to show up for yourself, to take a giant step toward creating the life for yourself that we know you have helped many others have. 

We’re going to deep dive into your purpose, and cleanse your system so that you feel great in your reality and have the energy to really be there for those that you help recover – starting with yourself.

We want to extend a deep thank you from our hearts for how much you give to others and those that you care about and the wonderful support you have given to us worldwide.

Many times our good deeds can go unrecognised or be taken for granted. But today We want to celebrate the fact that you care so much about your personal recovery.

Who is the person you respect the most in your life? 
What would you do for them? 
What would you give to help them recover, live their purpose in ten stage recovery ?

What would happen if you respected yourself that much? Would you give yourself the same opportunity, the same resources & the same respect and attention?

Today's your day to take a stand for you. To give yourself the gift of Ten Stage Recovery– that will last a liberating lifetime.
 so now is the time to act.


One of the single most powerful questions we ask of you is, “When would NOW be the right time to change?”

It’s a rhetorical question because the answer is always... NOW.

If now is the right time for you to subscribe to the Ten Stages, for exclusive access to The Ten Stage Child Within master classes, We’d love to invite you to join us. Subscribe Today.

The Ten Stages is a studied recovery course. It is a source of reconnection a method of unlearning and a reintroduction to our child within which leads us back to our one true intuitive voice.We start to learn and come out of our protective dysfunctional shell and reclaim our lives. #childwithin#10stages


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