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Title: Half way through the course after meditations we will start practising using our newly found intuitive voice
Author: Fraser Trevor
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Half way through the course after meditations we will start practising using our newly found intuitive voice, intuition may at first seem ...
Half way through the course after meditations we will start practising using our newly found intuitive voice, intuition may at first seem like learning a new language. You look deeply for answers, question what you get and are fearful of making a mistake. This only serves to bring in the reasoning mind. Instead, don’t strain, fear or worry over the matter — be light and joyful about it.

Our intuition is always with us, it’s just a matter of getting familiar with that “still small voice”, that voice that we have heard since childhood, but which we often tune out — or question if its valid — or think its just imagination.

When trying to make a decision, our intuition will be our first thought, the thought that sneaks in under the radar, before the rational mind kicks in to analyse (and argue) with it.

For example, while travelling over a holiday weekend, my first thought was to take a back road. This country road would be about a 30 mile drive to the connecting main road. Immediately after this first thought, I reasoned that to take another road to the motorway made more sense. The back road travelled through small towns, while the motorway had more lanes,faster speed limits and no traffic lights.

The motorway seemed to be the “rational and reasonable” choice. About half way to the motorway, we came upon a major traffic jam on the motorway. We moved at a snail’s pace for nearly an hour. The whole time we were stuck in traffic, I kept thinking about that country road.

Other signs of intuitive thought include:
Your intuition will suggest the next step – not the whole plan.
Your intuitive thought will most likely feel like relief. For example, if you wonder if you should sell your house, how does it feel? Does it feel like relief?
Your intuitive thought will be for the benefit of all concerned – it is not competitive, vindictive, hurtful or revengeful.
Your intuitive thought will be for your higher good — but it will not tell you how unique and special you are; nor will it put you down.
Your intuitive thought will likely be a step out of your comfort zone.
Your intuitive thought will likely be an idea you've never thought before.

Your intuitive thought is that thought that hits you while you are in the shower or driving your car. That thought that comes when you have stopped trying to find the answer.

Your intuitive thought is just a knowing, a gut feeling, or a hunch. “I don’t know how I know that – I just know.”

To start using and trusting your intuition, start with making small decisions. Minor decisions will lead to major decision making skills as you get a feel for your intuitive voice.

And, there is no should. You are the decision maker, so don’t ask: “Should I have pizza for dinner?” “Should I take the new route to work today?”

Instead think in the affirmative: “I’ll have pizza for dinner” and see how that feels to you. What 
thought comes up immediately (under the radar) about that decision?

Early this morning I lost my wallet, I immediately thought how stupid I was keeping all my cards, money travel passes in one place.At 4 a.m its very dark I hunted in cars I had used made a trip to another house and started to worry as the monkeys in my head took off, idiot they screamed.

I stopped remembered the program and went to bed and I slept for a further four hours on awakening I leaped out of bed in a memory flashed moment I believed I really....I shot to a table I had been using NO WALLET.
I let go had a glass of water sat at the computer screen and without thinking turned my chair over and I found a half eaten pack of rice cakes as I lifted them up my wallet came into view and I thanked my intuitive voice for the rest of the day.

The Ten Stages is a studied recovery course. It is a source of reconnection a method of unlearning and a reintroduction to our child within which leads us back to our one true intuitive voice.We start to learn and come out of our protective dysfunctional shell and reclaim our lives. #childwithin#10stages


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