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Title: We say the longest journey we will take is not anywhere "out there" but back to the child within.
Author: Fraser Trevor
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We say the longest journey we will take is not anywhere "out there" but back to the child within. And this journey is the journ...
We say the longest journey we will take is not anywhere "out there" but back to the child within.

And this journey is the journey from the HEAD to the child's HEART. The thinking mind to the feeling of intuition.

This is our journey. We've been SO present to this journey in our own lives, and lately we feel as if the message we am getting from our children within is of vital importance to this journey of our inner discovery.

The mind is a genius creation. Our logic is powerful. But wisdom is stronger than logic. And wisdom is something that can be felt in the heart and then attempted to be described by the mind.

All art, music, poetry and sacred words are nudges from the heart as articulated by the mind - and not the other way around. So what does the journey from the head to the heart feel like?

To us, it FEELS like meditating on being connected to all that is, to our perfect children within us and then focusing on feeling that expansiveness in our chests.

It's a joyful feeling. it's a sense of bliss, a sense of peace, a sense of contentment and appreciation that words cannot describe.

It doesn't feel like our doubtful, questioning mind. It feels like an open, expansive heart. And our goal could be to surrender the back and forth mind chatter and spend some time checking in with our child within. As we have been doing this meditation lately, it is as if our child is GIDDY that we are at last finally paying attention - CONSCIOUSLY - to it.

It feels that when we tap into it, We know the answer to almost any question we are asking about our life. It feels that our wise and knowing child within will never abandon us or put us down. It truly feels like this is the centre of my child within me. And what we've noticed as we do our child within meditations is that for the majority of our life and even still, our mind has been running circles around it - using thoughts and judgments and justifications for why it is wrong. And we've been slowly opening up to this new child within perspective, but it's been a long road with a lot of confusion.

It is as if we've been shown that tapping into this - this is the key to my continued living recovery. That is to say - the promise of recovery, Joy, abundance and challenges overcome. And it feels as if this part of ourself is connected to the child within that is the energy that supports our intuitive voice. So when we are paying attention to my child within, it is literally recovery speaking to me.

So, we must ask ourself what would we rather listen to, The child within or our own mind?

Well, we can tell you that our own minds have often almost killed us with dissociation, drug and alcohol addiction. And even though our mind maybe intelligent and clever, the wisdom that emanates from our heart the child within is intuitional in nature. That is to say, it's beyond the rational part of our minds. It's tapped into a Larger Perspective.

So our journey from this day forward is to make daily conscious contact with our child within and see where it leads us. We await with positive expectation!

The Ten Stages is a studied recovery course. It is a source of reconnection a method of unlearning and a reintroduction to our child within which leads us back to our one true intuitive voice.We start to learn and come out of our protective dysfunctional shell and reclaim our lives.


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