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Title: As children we needed to acquire a basic birthright of truth.
Author: Fraser Trevor
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As children we needed to acquire a  basic birthright of truth. Our grown caregivers   claimed to love us but often behaved differently....

As children we needed to acquire a basic birthright of truth. Our grown caregivers 
 claimed to love us but often behaved differently. Our confusion as children is understandable: in needing to believe in the goodness of our parents we, in our dependency, had no choice but to doubt ourselves. They lied to us—and where they did we became dissociated. We became like they were. But now we are adults. We no longer live under their dissociated tyranny, however mild or extreme it was, or under the strangling social systems that daily support them. We have options. This is the privilege of finding our child still hidden within, and the privilege of the insight that comes with it. We again need truth and discover that when we are honest we do not die, but instead feel affirmed. This leads us to believe that the truth at our core our child within is more powerful than the menditions imposed upon us by our upbringing. We understand that with truth patience and perseverance we can bring our light of truth into all the dark unconscious recesses of our adult self and into all the paralysed sides of our banished personality. We know that we can become fully conscious responsible adults.

The Ten Stages is a studied recovery course. It is a source of reconnection a method of unlearning and a reintroduction to our child within which leads us back to our one true intuitive voice.We start to learn and come out of our protective dysfunctional shell and reclaim our lives. www.thetenstages.com


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