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Title: The most important relationship in your life is the relationship you have with child within.
Author: Fraser Trevor
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The most important relationship in your life is the relationship you have with child within. If you want to draw and attract healthy,...

The most important relationship in your life is the relationship you have with child within. If you want to draw and attract healthy, good solid relationships into your life, then you must first create a healthy, good, solid relationship with your child with.

 I'm not talking about the false shadow self which seeks validation through external means such as looks, money, unsatisfying relationships, social climbing, fame or material gains. I'm talking about your child within which endures beneath all the fake stuff. I'm talking about your child within, which holds the key to life and freedom; the doorway out of the illusion of happiness (unreachable fantasy)... to the reality of true peace and well being.

Taking time to be alone.
If you respect your child within and want the best for yourself, then you must take time with yourself. Spending quality time with yourself, and allowing you to just "be" who you are--whatever that may be... even if it's painful, depressing, sad or happy or glad. Taking time to be there for you with no one else around is crucial. Not being able to be alone with yourself is a sign that you haven't discovered how recovered you are, and can skew your ability to be there for others, keeping you from equal, healthy relationships.

The reverse is true, if you tend to isolate, then it's important for you to start taking risks and allow your true self to be seen around safe people. Ten Stage Meetings are a great way to start doing this if you have any nearby.

2. Protect yourself from the adult parental voices Critic's shaming statements.

The adult shaming parental voice is formed from the messages you received from not getting your dependency needs met as a child. A child has no boundaries and receives all unmet dependency needs as messages-- whether intended or not from caretakers--as messages of his or her worthlessness. These messages form the adult parental voice that stays with the person until it is dismounted and recovered in adulthood through ten study work. In order to have a good relationship with yourself, you have to do child within work which will protect you from your internalised adult parental voice from harming your child within.

3. Returning to your child within.

You have to gently reconnect to our child within. If you have trouble being there for your child within and getting into negative, painful relationships, or avoiding closeness altogether, then it is evident that you are dissociating from your child within (as you were programmed to dissociate ). We learn to hide, criticise, abuse our child within for the rest of our lives. Our child within goes into hiding as a way to survive, but it never goes away. As an adult, if you want to heal your relationship with yourself, and thereby heal your relationship to others, to your child within and to life, then you must meet your sweet, innocent, prefect child within face to face. This can be done through the ten stages, meditation, careful gentle visualisation, journaling, Intulexia.

4. Get in touch with your child within.

Getting in touch with your real child within involves going deeper than you are right now to figure out what you're really feeling inside. When I first started understanding this concept, I was shocked to discover that I had no idea how I really felt. I may have been angry with someone, but felt depressed and paralysed to take action. I may have felt sad, but focused on being a workaholic instead. I may have been afraid, but drank alcohol to soothe my fears. For many years I turned to the fellowships to hide from how I really felt. Getting in touch with our real feelings involves naming how we're really feeling so you can reconcile ourself with ourselves. Remember, there are 6 basic feelings, Anger, disgust, fear, joy, sadness, surprise. Try staying congruent with ourselves living in our reality and getting to our core children within

5. Listen to ourself to determine our needs.

This was a hard one for me. Learning to listen to ourself in order to determine the true need. I never knew what a need was, or that I had a right to have any needs. When I was little I was shamed for my needs, so access to the intuitive messaging system in my psyche that I have a specific need was lost along the way. Thankfully you can get the knowledge back and learn the language of your own intuition, your own needs. Your needs express themselves in a variety of ways, from thoughts, to feelings to body sensations. Learning the language of your own needs Intulexia is crucial to contacting your own best friend the child hidden within. I can't tell you the relief I've felt when I finally recognised a need of my child within and was able to meet that need. Whew! It is worth the letting go to figure this out.

6. Meet your own child withins needs.

Meeting your own child withins needs involves recognising your needs in the first place. Taking action to meet your actual needs without dissociating into your nearest addiction is a huge step towards befriending your child within. Meeting your own emotional needs is not easy in the beginning because you may have been blocked from getting your needs met for so long; however, it is possible to get some relief by meeting your own needs today. Meet your own needs by taking action, getting out of the house, positive meditational affirmations, visualisation, tending to your child within, making friends with someone safe, allowing some grey area. Just being there for you, sitting with your numbness, sharing your pain .

7. Take action on your child withins behalf Intulexia.

Every time you take action to recover, to be alone with yourself, to relate to safe others, to take care of your physical body, to journal, to get in touch with your intuitive voice, to meet your child withions needs--every time you do anything for yourself, you are opening the way for your child within to come out and shine. Any time you TAKE ACTION to meet your own intuitive needs, to take care of yourself, you are being a friend to your child within
. Taking care of you paves the way for loving relationships with your child within, with others, with the universe and with life. Every time you answer the call of your own child within to be there instead of rushing to the nearest dissociational external source of validation, you are being a friend to yourself and allowing your child within to return into the light where we all belong.

Your child within has gone into hiding, especially in our culture today which is based on the notion that people are sinful and need to be punished. Generations before have passed along a legacy of toxic shame and self hatred. We have been raised to be unconscious and self-harming. We've paid a huge price for the ignorance of our parents and our parent's, parents, et al. This abandonment of the true self has led to addictions such as workaholism, alcoholism, sex addiction, love addiction, gambling addiction, internet addiction, porn addiction and a number of other serious assaults to the child within and to true feelings of reality. If we are to combat the numbness of self annihilation through recovery, we must begin by finding our child within returning to our own best friend.

The Ten Stages is a studied recovery course. It is a source of reconnection a method of unlearning and a reintroduction to our child within which leads us back to our one true intuitive voice.We start to learn and come out of our protective dysfunctional shell and reclaim our lives. #childwithin#10stages


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