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Title: When we step back from ourselves, recovery becomes simple.
Author: Fraser Trevor
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Our Recovery in the Stages is complicated because we pass it through our habitual thought patterns. When we step back from ourselves, rec...
Our Recovery in the Stages is complicated because we pass it through our habitual thought patterns. When we step back from ourselves, recovery becomes simple. There are not many paths to freedom, there is only one. In the end, no matter what particular patterns of thought we have managed to build in our minds, freedom always means transcending these personal thought patterns.
But how does one go about transcending the personal self and awakening to recovery freedom? What is needed for this journey are succinct stages that are so universal that they can echo through the halls of any religion as well as support intellectual understanding. The following is a universal road map to Recovery.
A. Coming to the Realisation that we are in there.
We must first come to realise that we are in there. From deep inside, we are  all experiencing this world. We are experiencing our physical body, our thoughts, and our emotions. We are conscious and we are experiencing what it is like to be human.

B. Coming to the Realisation that you are not okay in there. Something has gone wrong.

Look to see what's going on inside. If we want to understand why we've done everything we have ever done, if we want to see what's really going on, just observe our mind and emotions--just experi­ence our inner state our child hidden within. If we objectively look, we will see that we are never completely at peace. We will see that we are not okay in there.
C. We are addicted to that feeling we're always trying to be okay. Somethings WRONG
At any point when we look at the state of our child within, We will see that something is bothering us. We will then notice that this causes urges, drives, and impulses to do something about it. We will find ourself constantly trying to either get something or avoid something. All of this is done in an attempt to be feel okay.
D. We have taken on the job of figuring out how everything needs to be for us to be okay.
If we watch, we will see that our adult mind is always telling us what we should and should not do, what others should and should not do, and how things should and should not be. All of this is the adult mind's attempt to first create a conceptual model of what would make us okay, and then try to get the outside world to match it.
E. We process how the outside needs to be. This is not going to make you okay.
We must seriously look at this process of trying to be okay. We've been at it our entire life--we've just tried different things at different times. While it's true that sometimes we manage to make it better for short periods of time, we know that we've never even come close to reaching a state of permanent peace. Watch very closely how we react to the things our mind has preferences about. We will see that if our mind gets what it wants, we feel joy; if it doesn't get what it wants, we feel disturbance. Likewise, when our mind experiences what it doesn't want, we feel disturbance, and when it avoids what it doesn't want, we feel relief. We will never be okay playing this game because the world will never match the conceptual model our mind has made up. Eventually, we will come to see that struggling to be okay does not work. At some point, we will try to find a different way to be okay in there.
F. Learn to not participate in the mind's struggle to be okay.
This step is about learning to sit in as the witness, the part of you that notices the child within urges to be okay. We must become comfortable with sitting in there and not participating in the inner dissociations. We learn to relax in the midst of them. We come to see that there is a habitual process in which the moment we feel inner disturbance/dissociations, we are drawn into doing something about it. We must learn to sit inside and not participate in this process. If we truly understand that going outside to try to be okay inside doesn't work, then we'll be willing to sit inside and simply allow the disturbance to pass through. It is not difficult. If we can do this, all disturbance will cease by itself.
G. Learn to go about your life just like everyone else, except that nothing we do is for the pur­pose of trying to be okay.
If we aren't so preoccupied with trying to be okay, we will be free to sit inside and quietly love, serve, and honour whatever naturally unfolds in front of us. When we reach this point, we are no longer living for ourself. We are interacting with life, but not for the purpose of being okay.
H. As we sincerely let go of the inner energies we are watching, we begin to feel a deeper energy come in from our child within.
Up to this point, everything we were watching inside was in front of us. But now that we are no longer being drawn into those personal energies, we'll realise that our inner universe our child within are actually very expansive. We will begin to feel  contact with our child within Spirit. It lifts us and brings us love and joy.
I. our child within experience becomes so beautiful that we fall we experience a profound contact with the energy of our child within, and we develop a very deep and personal relationship with it.
It will become completely clear to us that there is an absolute trade-off between our personal ener­gies and the amount of contact that we feel. The more we get drawn into our personal energies, the less child within we feel. The more we don't participate in our child withins energies, the more recovery we feel. We now have a direct relationship with our child within, and we will find ourself constantly longing to experience it.
J.We begin to feel the energy pulling you up into your relationship with your child within, and our entire path becomes letting go of ourself in order to merge.
Will is no longer needed. Now our path is strictly about releasing ourself into the pull of the child within. We must surrender deeply enough to be able to overcome the fear of losing our connection to the personal self. We must to be willing to die to be reborn.
K. Once you get far enough back into the child within, we realise that our personal life can go on without us, leaving us free to become immersed in our child within.
This is the greatest miracle: We've surrendered and our entire life is about child within, yet people, places, and things continue to interact with us. The difference is that these interactions require none of our energy. They happen naturally, by themselves, leaving us at peace and be absorbed in Loving-Kindness.
L. Now we are truly okay and nothing inside or outside of us can cause disturbance--we have come to an understanding with it all.
Because we are now completely recovered, we don't need anything. Things just are what they are. At this point, we know ourself as Child Within. The world, mind, and heart cannot disturb us. We've transcended them all with the help of our child within. What is more, instead of feeling drawn into Spirit, we now actually experience ourself as Child Within. We have no boundaries in time or space. We have always existed and we will always exist. We have no form, shape, gender, or body. We simply are, have always been, and will always be--Infinite Child Within.
The Ten Stages is a studied recovery course. It is a source of reconnection a method of unlearning and a reintroduction to our child within which leads us back to our one true intuitive voice.We start to learn and come out of our protective dysfunctional shell and reclaim our lives. #childwithin#10stages


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