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Title: We dream of our recovery. we feel. We see others making it happen.
Author: Fraser Trevor
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Regret - one of the worst of human afflictions. We dream of our recovery. we feel. We see others making it happen. And yet - it doesn'...

Regret - one of the worst of human afflictions.

We dream of our recovery. we feel. We see others making it happen.

And yet - it doesn't work out for us. At some point, we give up.

We start to tell ourself stories like:
"It's too late for me."
"It's never going to happen."
"Be realistic."
"It's easy for them, but not for me."
"I'm not good enough."
"My best days are behind me."

We've heard many well-intended stagers tell themselves these stories and give up. We've also seen people allow others to stop them. We've also seen many people hide behind helping others as a way to avoid dealing with their own recovery.

Let me be clear - serving others is awesome. It's one of the highest callings. However, there is a fine line between serving others and hiding behind serving others. We can easily avoid ourself and our recovery by focusing on others.

It's easy to help others. It's easy to see what they need to change. And it feels good to encourage them to change, too.

Not so easy when it comes to changing the person we see in the mirror.

We'd rather do almost anything than feel the feelings of inadequacy. We'd rather stay comfortable, than stay fulfilled.

And - when the fear or the stakes get too high - we choose comfort over our calling and the regret pile starts to stack up.

Regret stings, because deep down we know that we are limitless. our potential to recover is limitless. our potential to be happy and live a recovered life is limitless.

But our biological childhood programming for survival gets in the way. When we don't guard our mind - we believe that taking risks on behalf of our recovery dreams will harm us.

But the sad truth is that what harms us, slowly each day, is the impulse to stay comfortable.

We have a choice:

- High amounts of regret but low amounts of fear.
- Low amounts of regret, but high amounts of fear.

These two things are directly the related. The more we face our fears each day, the less regret we will have.

WE don't think it's too late to start - we're just scared.

So, how do we lower the amount of regret in our life? Get busy facing our fears each day? Follow the nudge of our child within that knows there's more out there for us to do, explore, give and become.

Start to look for evidence about why we can do something, rather than why we can't. And ultimately, believe that no matter what may come - we still can have an incredible free peaceful life.

It's not too late. We're just scared. And the fear can be conquered by our conscious choice to act in the face of our childhood fears.

Remember, fear is not the opposite of recovery.

Fear is a compass showing us where to go.

our Child Within, our intuitive voice, our recovery is calling us to recognise our fear.

Use regret as fuel, rather than a reason to stop.

Don't be someone who gets to the end of their life and has tons of regrets.

All we need is a little courage to face our fears, just one a day, one at a time.

We can do this.

So that we don't live a life with regret, what fears buried inside our child within are we going to face together?

The Ten Stages is a studied recovery course. It is a source of reconnection a method of unlearning and a reintroduction to our child within which leads us back to our one true intuitive voice.We start to learn and come out of our protective dysfunctional shell and reclaim our lives.


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