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Title: Our constructed exterior self is NOT our Child Within.
Author: Fraser Trevor
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Our self is the part of ourselves that has formed as a defence mechanism to avoid going inwards to heal our Child within, our constructed ...
Our self is the part of ourselves that has formed as a defence mechanism to avoid going inwards to heal our Child within, our constructed self is an imposter – it is NOT Who We Are, and its purpose is to keep us separated from healing our Child Within and becoming an integrated and whole Self of our recovery. Trying to make friends with your false self is like trying to have a genuine relationship with a narcissist. You will only be dancing with your devil.

We have to Go to the trauma that the false self is constantly escaping from and heal it. Then there can be no need for our old false self to revisit the traumatic event anymore.

When we drop into the pain and fear we are feeling in our solar plexus, we receive the intuitive message of being five years old and feeling trapped and ganged up on. The traumatic remembrance was “I am a target for more punishment.”

When we fully claim, felt and released that trauma, opened up space and brought in the Source / Life connection with our child within of being valued, supported and loved – the fear is gone, and a greater solidness of contact with our child within instantly replaces it.

That immediately eliminated the narcissistic self story “You’re an angry person,” because there was no trauma left for the self to create havoc with.

No fear, no pain and no anger – just an ability to be authentic, not be triggered, and speak up for our needs and rights if necessary.

We have learned to bypassed our constructed self illusion and we evolved ourself.

when we have call from our child withins trauma that we don’t rescue, we have negative emotions bubbling up.

This is the message we receive from our child within “Come to me, heal me!!”

Now if we ignore this message, this triggers our mind into survival programs that are fuelled by the young helplessness and powerlessness we were at the time that trauma was developed.

Negativity and pain attracts more of itself. It starts a life force of “escapism/dissociation”. This is what our self is – it is a False Self. It is the nemesis of our child within which is “Light of our recovery.”

Now what is really, really interesting is – in every seed of dissociation is recovery. In fact every seed of escapism can be brought into our recovery, because the true purpose of something “traumatic and painful” is so that we can transmute it into “our recovery.”

When we get the release of a contracted fearful painful inner program, we expand, we up-level. In fact that process is exactly the process to recover … it’s the formula of evolving ourselves.

And that is exactly what happens when we recover enough of ourselves, and make a stand for own worthiness enough to bring our painful disowned unconscious parts up into the light for their transformational healing.

However, if we don’t heed the call of our Child within, and ignore him or her instead and allow the pain and fear to remain, this is the gap where our dissociative behaviour is given full permission to rush in.

Now that we are disowned and unhealed, our energy system is prey to the constructed self.

The constructed self is our sensitive pain body.

every human being has a child within and a constructed self, and where we are orientated on the scale depends on the state of our child within subconscious belief systems.

When the Child Within becomes released, spacious, extended, empowered, joyful, safe and radiant – we are expanding out into the connection of Oneness of Source living as we were always intended to live – graciously, lovingly and abundantly – and sourcing our re-connected self authentically.

We feel unconditionally adored, accepted and protected by Life, and we treat and maintain ourself accordingly.

When the Child Within is contracted, fearful, self-protective, detached, despairing and damaged, we are disconnected from the field of our Source – living the illusions of dissociation and separation and completely and utterly susceptible to our fearful constructed self.

We feel unloved, unacceptable and unsafe in our Life reality, and we treat and maintain ourself accordingly permanently trying to avoid the pain.

Within every single suppressed inner trauma are the energies for up-levelling, releasing, and the opening up to more and more space and incredible expansion into our recovery … or the festering ignored trauma causes an inward contraction around that wound, and a spiral down into more pain.

The Child Within keeps calling out and the cries get louder, and if unattended to, inevitably there is a greater need for ways to try to manage the pain without actually solving the cause of it.

“Dissociation's” such as self-medicating, seeking outer distractions and relationships, or addictions to try to burn off the pain are the only avenues available.

The constructed self is reinforced by this, because the pain and the manifestation of pain attract more pain, and ultimately create demise.

The constructed false self is not life, it is a materialistic anti-life.

The Ten Stages is a studied recovery course. It is a source of reconnection a method of unlearning and a reintroduction to our child within which leads us back to our one true intuitive voice.We start to learn and come out of our protective dysfunctional shell and reclaim our lives.


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