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Title: MARBELLA Now, Listen with compassion to our child withins rage and anger for its life situation, we must start to listen to the wounded child inside us.
Author: Fraser Trevor
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Now, Listen with compassion to our child withins rage and anger for its life situation, we must start to listen to the child inside us. ...
Now, Listen with compassion to our child withins rage and anger for its life situation, we must start to listen to the child inside us. The child within us needs all our attention. That little child emerges from the depths of our consciousness and ask for our attention. If we are listen, we will hear his or her voice calling for contact. At that moment, instead of paying attention to whatever is in front of us, go back and tenderly make your contact gently compassionately to the wounded child. You can talk directly to the child with the language of your intuition, saying, I have neglected you, and now I am re- learning a new way to contact you gently. I feel your pain, your anger, your rage and I acknowledge you have been deeply disrespected and lied to. It is necessary, that we have to cry together with our child. Stop using parental language relearn the intuitive voice of our child.We need to, sit and breathe with the child. Saying “Breathing in, We return to our wounded child within; breathing out, We start to acknowledge the wrongs done to our child within and we re-learn to take care of our wounded child within.”

We have to talk to our child within when it wishes. Only then can healing recovery start to take place. Embracing our child within tenderly, we offer reassurance and acknowledgement of the traumatic wounds of childhood so that we will never let our child face trauma alone again or leave that which is inside us unattended. Our child has been left alone for so long. That is why you need to begin our recovery right away. If we don’t do it now, when will we do it?

If you make contact and listen carefully every moment, after time our healing purpose will take place. When we climb a beautiful mountain, invite our child within to climb with you. When you contemplate the sunset, invite our child to enjoy it with you. If you start to include our child within our wounded child in you will experience great healing.

With practice, as we can see that our child within is not only us. Our child within may come to represent several lost generations. Our mother may have suffered throughout her life. Our father may have suffered. Perhaps our parents weren’t able to look after their child with themselves. So when we’re embracing the wounded child in us, we’re embracing all the wounded children of our past generations. This practice is not a practice for ourselves alone, but for numberless generations of ancestors and descendants.

Our ancestors may not have known how to care for their wounded child within, so they transmitted their wounded child to us. Our practice is to end this cycle. If we can heal our wounded child, we will not only liberate ourselves, but we will also help liberate whoever has hurt or abused us. The abuser may also have been the victim of abuse. There are people who have practiced with their inner child for a long time who have had a lessening of their suffering and have experienced transformation. Their relationships with their family and friends have become much easier.

We suffer because we have not been touched by compassion and understanding. If we generate the energy of loving-kindness understanding, and compassion for our wounded child within, we will miraculously suffer much less. When we generate loving-kindness, compassion and understanding become possible, and we can allow people to respect us. Before, we have been suspicious of everything and everyone. Compassion helps us relate to others and restore and renew our intuitive communication.

The people around us, our family and friends, may also have a severely wounded child within inside. When we’ve managed to communicate with ourselves, we can also understand them. When we’ve healed ourselves, our communication with others become easier.

We need to go back in time and re-learn how take care of ourself. our scared body needs us, our emotionally dead feelings need us, our damaged perceptions need us. The wounded children within in us needs us. our suffering needs us to deeply acknowledge it.


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