Their is NOTHING remotely like THE TEN STAGES which awakens the root causes of addiction offering a new positive solution

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Just by making contact with the child within starts an attempt to make an empathetic listening environment that engenders the process of ...
Just by making contact with the child within starts an attempt to make an empathetic listening environment that engenders the process of building a new recovered self and the journey towards maturity begins.we start to listen and accommodate without blame our childhood history we begin to understand the events that happened which caused our addiction towards anxiety and chaos. As our child within is removed from its abusive environment provided with a loving and nurturing new world by renewed contact, then healing will occur and the effects of child rejection start to be minimised and reversed.For the child within it is a question of building redundancy into the equation the child has built up strong survival mechanisms that require a gentle teasing apart in a supportive community of like minded students a kinder garden of trust.The survival of the child within has to be positively acknowledged in the terms of our childs recollections
This Kinder garden of trust becomes the new safe environment for the child within to explore  new scenarios with others who have suffered childhood abuse and neglect. Most children do not get rescued from child abuse. They must endure it for a lifetime, and in order to adapt to this hostile environment, the mind becomes negatively altered develops coping mechanisms that become maladaptive in adult life engaging in their own destructive behaviours such as alcohol and drug addiction and relationships with abusive people. We believe that brain changes can take place in adulthood, the more time that passes between the actual abuse and the initiation of intervention, the more deep-rooted the coping strategies will have become, and the more time needs to be expended in recovery.Recovery is learned by the child within as a new safe environment where the child becomes safe,trusted and loved by itself into green pastures of mental health.
The child hidden within who have been abused develop a variety of self-defeating beliefs about themselves and the world. They view bad events in a self-blaming way, which undermines self-esteem and encourages depression and helplessness. This cycle of interference with the adult thought process in cognitive functioning only amplifies and perpetuates the negative thinking pattern of the child withins hidden coping strategies.We have to remove the judgemental voice that reechoes the messages from the past from our lives, unfortunately this is the voice of the caring professions who constantly reinforce the negative messages of our childhood, teachers,doctors and psychologists fail to understand the child withins problems and become by default uncaring parents who fail to understand childhood needs for loving-kindness and may be suffering themselves from the condition they are trying to alleviate.


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